What is Multi Level Marketing?

Congratulations! If you're sharp enough to ask, What is multi level marketing, then you have what it takes to discern whether or not it's really right for you. Because as you may be aware, the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) industry has long had a reputation as a caldron of get rich quick scams. But in reality, plenty of profitable goodies are in the pot, too. 

It's true that some MLM companies are run by totally shady shysters, not every multi level marketing opportunity is some type of scam. Not by far. In fact, multi level marketing is espoused by top businessmen who've turned best-selling author such as Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant), and Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth).

Also called network marketing, MLM means different things to the different players involved:

    What is multi level marketing to the manufacturer or absolute owner? It's the companys way of selling their products or services. Instead of using retail stores to make their merchandise available to shoppers, MLM companies use a chain of independent entrepreneurs to distribute their wares.

    What is multi level marketing to the many entrepreneurs recruited? First and foremost, it's hard work if you want to become a serious success. Aligning with a product or service you believe in, that truly excites you, is half the battle. The other half involves becoming successful at building a vibrant downline.

    Meaning, i's essential to recruit and mentor LOTS of new entrepreneurs as members of your team ... and each of them needs to build a big team, and so on. If you can do this, you'll earn a TON of small commissions on all that your team sells (and the many teams under each of them).

    What is multi level marketing to the new recruit? Initially, it's possibly a way to generate nice extra income, selling the product to family, friends, and people you attract over the Internet. There also are usually nice performance bonuses awarded for reaching your sales levels.

But at the same time, most network marketing opportunities stress the importance of also building your own team. This is where your commissions can really start to become significant ... just like the entrepreneurs who brought you in and showed you the ropes!

Now, what is multi level marketing to all parties involved? At every level, success relies on the ability to provide solid training and marketing tools. This market intelligence and know-how starts at the top and must trickle all the way down to every brand new recruit. You want to align with a well-oiled system, where they're giving you every tool necessary to succeed.

If you get with a company that understands this, the rest really is up to YOU. It's crucial to devote some time every day to cultivating sales and developing your own downline. If you're unable to commit to such a venture, you really needn't have bothered asking What is multi level marketing. This much hard work simply may not be a good fit for you.


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