5 Simple Tactics to Monetizing Websites Uncovered

Millions of people are making money everyday from their websites. Tactics to monetizing websites are simple when you know how. Here are 5 ways to profit.

1. Promote your own services.

  • Content marketing is one of the best tactics to monetizing websites. Build brand awareness by providing quality information your site readers want. Theyll view you as an expert in your niche, which helps turn them into buying customers.

  • Do you offer business writing services? Show businesses how to create winning business proposals. Own a hair salon? Write about hair care and styling tips. Provide marketing services? Give free marketing advice to business owners.

2. Sell how-to products.

  • Providing quality how-to products is among the popular tactics to monetizing websites, and it can generate handsome revenues. Write top quality e-books once on a subject people seek expert advice about; it can sell forever.

  • Because they cost little to produce -- but can be sold for hundreds of dollars -- information products generate substantially more money than hard goods.

  • Create tutorials and e-courses. Package them as e-books, CDs, DVDs or an email series. Include your brands logos and slogans.

  • Advertise to prospects within your target market on your website. Pre-sell products by giving away free e-books embedded with links to affiliate products you earn a commission on.

3. Require membership for premium info.

  • Generate a steady income every month by providing free content with offers to upgrade to paid premium content. Customers who buy subscriptions will be easier to sell to later on.

  • Make sure information is high quality to justify charging fees. Decide whether to charge weekly or monthly. When giving memberships away free, you still profit from creating targeted lists of prospects who are specifically interested in your products.

  • Paid membership websites include private forums, coaching clubs, online courses, and download sites.

4. Promote products as an affiliate marketer.

  • Selling products that compliment each other is among the best tactics to monetizing websites. Research affiliate marketing networks like ClickBank, Commission Junction and Linkshare.

  • Companies seeking help selling their products and services online offer you commissions when you promote their goods on your website. These companies provide banner ads and text links with embedded affiliate codes. Place them within websites, emails and e-books to grow earnings.

5. Sell ad space on your website.

  • Selling advertising space on your website can be lucrative. If you build a good amount of traffic visiting your site, theres good money in displaying various advertisers banner ads and text links. With no middle man, you set your own rates.

  • However, youll need a huge audience before advertisers risk their budgets. And you have to manage banner ad rotation and invoicing. Some companies can manage these for you.

These tactics to monetizing websites can earn you money repeatedly.


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