Strategies To Starting A

Lawn Care Business Online

Are you thinking about starting a lawn care business? Do you want to have an online presence but you aren't sure where to begin? Use the following strategies to get your new business off the ground.

Develop A Lawn Care Services Business

Define Your Scope of Services

You'll need to start out small and then build as your workforce and expertise grows. Consider the following possibilities:

1. Weekly lawn care services such as;

  • mowing
  • edging
  • blowing lawns

2. Seasonal lawn care services such as;

  • fertilization
  • weed control
  • trimming hedges
  • laying mulch
  • aeration and winterization

3. Landscaping projects such as;

  • building retaining walls
  • establishing garden beds
  • planning and planting perennial flower gardens
  • establishing decorative patio gardens
  • Lawn Care Equipment And Resources

When starting a lawn care business, you have to ask yourself exactly what equipment you can afford in the beginning, including;

  • Do you have the investment capital to buy a fleet of mowers, aerators, trimmers, blowers and trailers, or are you limited to the stuff you have in your back shed?
  • Are you going to tackle this by yourself, with a buddy, or with a crew of employees?
  • Do you have someone slated to answer the phones, schedule lawn service appointments, handle complaints, order supplies, pick up materials, advertise for you, and manage the financial end of things, or are you doing this by yourself?

You may want to invest in a virtual assistant who handles your phone work from his or her own home, sign up for a voicemail service, or hire an accountant to handle payroll, inventory orders, and tax preparation.

Lawn Care Software And Website

When starting a lawn care business online, you'll need to create a website for your company, using a domain that is easy to remember. You'll also need software to track your customers.

Once you've got the site up and running, you may want to write up some articles about lawn care and post them to your site. Here at we can help with your website construction and marketing. You'll also want to;

  • Post your website address on every ad, flyer, business card, email, twitter post and piece of correspondence.
  • Build credibility by providing high-value content on your website.
  • Show prospects that you have their best interests at heart and that you can adapt or customize your lawn care service to meet their individual needs.

One great way to build a relationship is with an (ezine) electronic newsletter, share your tips and ideas on how to have the best looking neighbourhood. Note:The SBI software package has newsletter software included.

This will steadily increase their trust levels and cement a view that you are an authority in lawn care.

Additional Lawn Care Business Plan Tips

To take maximum advantage of starting a lawn care business online, you will also want provide interactive online lawn care resources so people can find answers to questions, get ideas for lawn care projects and generally play around with lawn care ideas while on your site.

Have a form on the site where you request that people register with the site to receive lawn care tips via email, and then offer a helpful newsletter or weekly lawn care tips via email campaign.

By reaching out to the people who visit your site, you can establish successful email campaigns and schedule lawn care service appointments online when youre not busy mowing someones lawn.

These are some of the main points you'll need to consider to start a lawn care business. But once you launch your plan, success is just a matter of time.

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