How to Start a Mobile
Phone Business Online

If youre pondering how to start a mobile phone business online, youre on the right track.

Mobile phones arent an extra or luxury anymore. In fact, an evergrowing percentage of people use mobile phones as their main source of communication. So, the mobile phone business is hot, with plenty of specialties to explore.

Tips For Starting A Mobile Phones Business

1. Figure Out Your Niche

If you want to beat the competition, youve got to find a specialty that makes your business stand out from the rest. If you have a connection or a skill, you could specialize in;

  • mobile marketing
  • mobile phone applications
  • mobile phone web applications
  • GPS and other location-related features, or cool accessories.
  • You might want to get the jump on a new trend like cell phone watches.

2. Figure Out the Practical Side of the Business

Will you actually purchase and mail the products yourself?

If you dont want to waste time with inventory and shipping, you can start a mobile phone business that operates in a fashion where you feed clients to the manufacturer or supplier and they handle the actual shipping. That way your online business simply feeds demand to the supplier, and you skim a cut from the top for being the middleman.

3. Brand Yourself

Before you start a mobile phone business, youll need to choose a great name, domain name, logo and image. Look for something catchy and easy to remember.

Check to make sure the domain name is open, and buy both the dot-com and dot-net.

4. Put Up a Professional Looking Website

Make sure its user-friendly and equipped with some sort of shopping cart or payment mechanism such as Paypal.

Display your business mobile phone merchandise along with enticing descriptions of each product. Advertise sales or offer incentives on your site.

We here at can assist you with website planning and construction.

5. Drive Traffic to Your Site

Its just not enough to start a mobile phone business and put up a website; youve got to become a web presence. Consider using an AdWords campaign to advertise on other sites or even on Google pages.

Then blog and add content to your website using SEO (search engine optimization) tags and writing style to up your Google ratings. Obtain inbound links to your site. (again TOBI can help).

6. Call Your Readers to Action

Make sure you have good sales copy on your site. Your words must motivate readers to take action, even if that action is to simply sign up for your newsletter or email series (eventually leading to sales).

The Cell Phone Business Opportunity

The internet provides anyone with access to a computer, an internet connection and motivation, to break away from the other sheep out there in society and get started in business.

The mobile phone business has plenty of opportunity. Will you seize the moment?

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