How To Start A
Home Cleaning Business Online

Do you want to start a home cleaning business? With so many two-income families these days, there's plenty of business to be made with a mop and a willing spirit!

Take advantage of this by starting your own business and turning your ability to clean into a lucrative business. And if you add the power of the Internet, you will right away have an advantage over your competition.

The key is to have a process to building up a client list who will know and understand what makes your cleaning service different from all the rest.

Preparation For A House Cleaning Business

The following are practical tips on how to best start a home cleaning business.

Check Out the Competition

You need to find out what competitors are charging, how they price their gigs, and what services they provide. You can get this information from the web if they have a website, or from yellow page ads.

As you start your home cleaning business, you'll want to set yourself apart from the competition by answering the following. Will you ...

  • consider doing extra services such as doing dishes, laundry, windows or changing sheets?
  • provide deep cleaning sessions for a special price?
  • organize closets for a fee?
  • serve up a package deal where you do an express clean at one price and a more thorough clean at another price?
  • offer discounts for those who want weekly cleaning sessions?
  • figure out what will make you stand out from the others.


Evaluate Your House Cleaning Business Capabilities

Many people who start a home cleaning business make the mistake of over-estimating how much cleaning they can do in a week. You'll want to under-schedule yourself at first, and see if you can hire support for days when you feel sick or are simply too pooped to clean efficiently. Plan for a sustainable business that will last over time.


Take Your Home Cleaning Service Business Online

When you start a home cleaning business online, you open yourself up to a lot more exposure than someone who stays offline.

Brand yourself with a catchy business name, buy the domain, and get a website up. Fill your website with helpful articles about cleaning, showcasing your knowledge. Here at we can assist you in your preparation.

Selling your home cleaning services online is a great way to leverage your income building potential at a minimum cost. You can even generate income from recommending online equipment, supplies and much more.

Building a theme based content site based on your home cleaning business will probably be your smartest move and that is because more and more people use the Internet as their preferred source of information.

You can learn how to make sure you have a form on your website that asks visitors to register on the site, providing important contact information so you can follow up with visitors with emails advertising cleaning specials or introductory offers.

Passing out flyers and business cards is one way to direct people to your site. But it is vitally important to make sure to use meta tags and search optimization techniques to improve your google ratings on the helpful tips you provide via a blog or article on your site. These techniques are covered here on our website.

Success With Your Home Cleaning Company

It can be intimidating to start your own home cleaning business, but youll succeed if you plan well and set yourself up to be a presence on the web, funneling more and more business to your growing company.

By continually adding content to your site and encouraging people to explore your resources like twitter, facebook and other social media outlets, you will have a huge edge on your business competition ... many of who are running their companies totally offline.

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