How to Reduce
Small Business Startup Cost

Getting a new online business off the ground involves knowing your small business startup cost and takes a lot of work and unquestionably, a lot of dollars. Or does it?

It definitely takes a lot of time and dedication. However, with a little bit of research and education, the new small business owner can easily learn some valuable tricks on how to reduce your small business start up expenses.

The first step should be to sit down and list everything youll need to make the business work, from computers and business cards to website design and material and people to produce the widgets youll be selling. Don't worry about the projecting costs just yet. The goal of the exercise is to brainstorm and identify all that'll need.

Starting A Small Business

Here are a few things you should consider having on your list:

  • Business registrations / licensing
  • Website hosting & setup
  • Equipment / technology
  • Utilities (phone, Internet, water, etc.)
  • Marketing materials
  • Consulting fees

Next, do some research and get estimates on what everything costs. If hiring contractors to do any work, review samples of past work. While its important to learn how to minimize small business startup cost, its also important to ensure quality results.

Note: The best source for reviews come from other small business owners, family and friends.

Do some networking, learn from others. Ask what worked for them or what they would have done differently. Perhaps even ask some of these folks to be on your Advisory Panel, so you can bounce ideas off of them. And maybe they'll even help promote your business once you are open!

Another important element to consider when getting a business started is what youll sell or promote. Do some market research to see what the going rates are for your niche. See what other businesses are offering, and what price theyre listing.

This is called competitive analysis. After all, you want to make sure youre coming to market at an attractive price point. One thatll help you realize a profit sooner than later.

Additional Small Business Start Up Tips

A final thought when considering how to reduce small business startup cost. Always seek out technology that reduces or eliminates your expenses completely. A great example would be using services like Google Voice or Skype for phone calls, or software programs like Open Office instead of Microsoft Office. Always ask yourself ... is there a cheaper alternative to what Im doing now?

A little bit of time invested to research the answer to that question could save you a lot in the long term ... and leave room in your budget for expanding your business to new levels.

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