The 7 Small Business
Online Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

It may sound easy to start a small business, but without good advertising you're not going to get the business you need to succeed. Watch out for these seven common small business online advertising mistakes below. You'll also find tip here on this internet marketing for online businesses article.

Dismissing the Importance of Online Advertising

If you just stick a website up on the internet and assume people will magically find it, you're sadly mistaken. Your site is competing with zillions of other sites! If you want people to find your site, you will need to either hire someone who knows how to drive traffic to your site or learn how to launch your own focused small business online advertising campaign.

Letting Your Site Sit Idle

If you want to show up on browsers, you've got to add useful, compelling copy to your site. Hire a copywriter or create articles, blog posts and interactive media to your site often, giving Google and other search engines reasons to point to your site.

Underestimating the Power of Meta Tags

A successful small business online advertising campaign makes use of those seemingly insignificant meta tags. Use a free or low-cost online search engine optimization keyword generator to find out what keywords are used to locate information on what topics, and work these keywords into the content posted to your website and then list those keywords as meta tags.

Misunderstanding How Adwords Campaigns Work

If you've decided you use something like Google Adwords, you need to invest in some analytics tools as well. You may think you intuitively know what wording will trigger clicks on your advertised site, but those who understand small business online advertising experiment by switching up the wording and keeping track of the number of clicks they get per the wording of the ads. Analytics will save you from spending money on adwords campaigns without getting results.

Ignoring the Power of the People

Social media sites are perfect small business online advertising tools, just waiting to spread information about your site, but many entrepreneurs ignore the power of a friend telling a friend who tells a friend. Use vehicles like,, twitter,, and other social media sites to post links to your site.

Buying Hits

Watch out for scams set up to prey on unsuspecting entrepreneurs who are looking for hits without realizing what you really need are unique visitors to your site. If a service sells website hits, check it out carefully to make sure it is a real lead generator and not a scam.

Investing in Free Traffic Exchanges

Unfortunately, these services are used by other small business owners who aren't actually interested in buying your products, but are just trying to get people to view their own sites. So who ends up viewing your site over and over? Other entrepreneurs just like yourself! Not many sales opportunities from that pool of viewers!

When you launch a small business online advertising campaign, you need to educate yourself on what works and what doesn't before you waste your time, energy and money.

And of course don't neglect the offline exchange of business cards at conventions, seminars and social business climates in your advertising. You can learn how to make business cards online here.

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