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Here on the SBI Online section of the website, we want to help you to easily understand the SBI Action Guide.

Believe us when we say that you are not the only one who may be struggling with the SBI Action Guide instructions. We've heard it from plently of people during classes we've instructed both offline and online. Lets just say our goal here is to clarify some confusing areas related to the SBI instructional format.

We'll make some recommendations on this page based on our experiences with students on what to pay attention to and what can be ignored for now that we'll get to later.


The SBI Online Overview.

Before we get too deep into this first overview page, understand that the term "DAYS" does not mean a 24 hr day. It's not a 10 Day Action Guide you're following, but 10 lessons or 10 sessions. One session may take a few hrs, days or weeks to complete.

Understand that building an SBI website is based on these 4 letters --- C-T-P-M. But keep in mind, this is not the only method out there on how to build a business or make money online. Some people generate income thru eBay, thru Clickbank with one sales page and thru blogging.

But the SBI methodology is based on content ... individual articles of information about something you have an interest in, are passionate about, or you just simply have been there and done that and you know the subject matter.

So following the SBI online method, you're expected to create lots of content pages (C) for your website. By doing this, the Search Engines will eventually index your pages and put your header information into their database (think Google as an example).

The goal is that when people search on a particular phrase, in time, your page on that topic will appear in the first 10 or 20 lisitings in a search engine results page such as Google. People will scan the listings and click on the one that looks closest to what they were searching for, and hopefully its your listing they click.


If your listing is clicked, that person arrives at your website and this is how you develop what is known as "organic traffic" or free traffic from the search engines. It didnt cost you a cent, but it takes weeks or months before this will happen for you.

Its just the nature of the web. You will not build a page today and receive traffic from that page tomorrow, unless you pay for traffic via PPC, which will be discussed later. Your goal using the SBI online method, is to build a long term business that will pay you for many years to come.

The (T), or traffic part of the equation therefore comes from lots of content pages being indexed and displayed by the search engines to its users.

Once you have lots of juicy content and traffic begins to arrive, you're next

goal is to conquer the (P) or preselling. Its basically giving people great information and treating people as you'd like to be treated.

Like the barber or hair stylist that you keep going back to every month. You like the service and you're treated with respect. Its basically developing relationships with your customer base.

Finally (M) is the Monetization part where you actually begin to make money from your incoming traffic. You now can serve up a variety of income generators. These range from your own product line, your own services, someone elses products, ads that make you money when clicked and many other options.

But without traffic ... you have no business. And traffic comes from lots of quality CONTENT!

Things You May Want To Avoid

Here are some areas you may want to completely stay away from until you get into this a bit deeper. We say this only because it's time sensitive information for more advanced training. Your first goal is to get thru the SBI Online AG without distractions.

  • Avoid - Tips And Techniques Headquarters (TNT HQ)
  • Avoid - The SBIX (SBI's Newsletter)
  • Avoid - The SBI Forums
  • Avoid - SBI Facebook and Twitter
  • Avoid - RSS Feeds from various SiteSell sources
  • Avoid - Reading the first 5 days of the AG

Why? ... well, the first three points are side ramps from the main Action Guide highway. In here is advanced techniques and strategies that we'll get to later. The SBI Online AG even tells you to avoid these areas and not to get distracted.

SBI Facebook and Twitter are also distractions at this point because there are often contests, links to articles etc that will simply pull you off track. This information is valuable, But not in the very beginning because you only have 24 hrs in a day to spend.

RSS feeds are provided by Ken as well as from the forums, but again, if you respond to every post that pops up in your RSS Feed reader, you'll never get anything done.

The last point may give you a big picture overview as the action guide suggests. But there is some technical stuff in here that may totally confuse you without a clearer explaination.

Session 2 for example can be much easier explained then what is covered in the SBI online AG. It's your call of course if you wish to do all of the above.

But remember, our goal is to unlock one section at a time with clear and concise instructions. As we dig into each section, we'll explore the details as you need them.


Whats In The First 5 Sessions?

Over the first 5 sessions you will do these 5 things;

  • Find a niche or topic that you know and love. Horses, Financial Planning, Photography, Knitting, Piano etc. ... we'll show you how to find hot markets!

  • Do market research using a keyword research tool called Brainstorm It, which is an SBI Tool. This will show you what to name each page in your website.

  • You'll investigate how you will make $$$ from the traffic you'll eventually get ... many options but which will work for you?

  • Lay out the content blueprint for the site - meaning you'll draw an org chart with boxes connected together for each page within your website so you can see where everything lives and will be linked together. We'll also do it in Gmail.

  • Register your business domain - ie:
    (sorry, that one's taken).

The last half of the SBI online AG covers page construction techniques, RSS, Newsletter Software, Traffic Stats, Linking and other need to know info.

There you have it, The SBI Online overview. Sessions 1-5 is the planning phase of your site and sessions 6-10 is the actual construction phase of the site. Lots of cool stuff to dig into.

Action Guide Topics

  • Session 1 (Day 1) - Finding A Niche
  • Session 2 (Day 2) - Keyword Research (Vertical)
  • Session 3 (Day 3) - Keyword Research (Lateral)
  • Session 4 (Day 4) - Planning Monetization
  • Session 5 (Day 5) - Domain Reserach And Registration
  • Session 6 (Day 6) -
  • Session 7 (Day 7) -
  • Session 8 (Day 8) -
  • Session 9 (Day 9) -
  • Session 10 (Day 10) -

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