Attention: Anyone who wants to improve their current monetization results 

WARNING: Are you ready to be pushed to move past comfort barriers into strong new ways to add income?

What's the Problem?

Quick question for you: 

How would you describe your monetizing results from your website to date? Slow? Up and down? 

Or...just a plain DISASTER? 

Monetizing is not going to be very effective if your visitors don't feel you have something of value for them to want to spend their money with you.

You need to grab and hold their attention in order to best  presell them (i.e  buy your ebook, video ) or to click on an affiliate program product you recommend.

Successful monetizers are spending time learning how to presell their visitors, so they make the smooth  transition  to selling. Whether it be their own products or someone else's.

Have a well thought out PLAN

Jumping from product to product or idea to idea can actually HURT you more than help you and with no plan, you'll have your visitors looking ELSEWHERE for what they want….

So, What's The Solution? 

Some SBIers believe monetizing has to involve a lot of expensive tools, business connections and programming, but there is a better way to learn how to successfully monetize your site. 

It's the Monetization Bootcamp! 

Sure, you could spend your time figuring out the best placement of Google Adsense on your pages, but... 

WHY would you when everything you need is laid out in a step by step, paint by numbers program to show you how to increase profits from your passion, 

Many SBI! site owners followed the Action Guide and have traffic, but struggle with what is supposed to be the fun part. The M. Making Money!

Understanding how to become better at selling will mean more dollars in your pocket and learning how to create your own product will significantly add to your bottomline.

So, let me show you what we've created for you.


 The Monetization Bootcamp Video Tutorial Series

  • Learn how to develop, position and sell your own niche products and/or services.
  • Learn with step-by-step Instructions and demos you can follow.
  • Learn ways to increase sales of your current products/services.
  • Learn  from successful monetizing creators as they share their tips and strategies.

 And much more...

Here's A Sample:

No one else delivers this kind of practical, easy-to-use, completely explained, time & frustration saving information...  

The Monetization Bootcamp is a 4 module series of webinar recordings where SiteSell Educator David demonstrates real world examples of how to get better at monetizing your online business. 

If you're happy with your current results with affiliate programs, service selling, drop shipping or any of the many other ways to monetize, then this Bootcamp is NOT for you. 

But if you feel that you're "leaving money on the table"...

The online course will concentrate on specific monetization models that will help YOUR business. You'll go way beyond theory.

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn During
These Recorded Sessions

Module 1

  • How to make sure that your visitors stick around long enough to convert to your most wanted response.
  • The top 3 traffic tactics to use right now!
  • How to best use the two most underused modules to get more traffic
  • Pre-selling strategies that can help your bottom line. 
  • Learn why Pre-selling is a vital step in the CTPM process.

Module 2

  •  What you need to know about sales funnels pipelines & shopping paths
  • The 4 easy steps to a successful campaign
  • How to analyze your data
  •  Which short term monetization model is for you?
  • The ins and outs of a long term monetization model

Module 3

  • How to create value and get paid
  • Deciding on what monetization model to choose?
  • How to overcome the fear of creating your own product.
  • Meet successful monetizing creators
  • Learn what mistakes successful monetizers have made and how you can avoid them.
  • Learn an easy process to getting things done and to take action 

Module 4

There are a lot of different ways you can deliver information to your visitors and get paid for it.

If you’re still stuck on the which monetization model might get you started with, meet some successful monetizing creators.

At one point in their business lives they were exactly where you are, the only difference with them is they went the extra mile and took that first step. Sure they made mistakes but today they are better off because of them. 

Find out how they make their money!

What A Past Student Has to Say
About Monetization Bootcamp?

But, hold on... for a limited time we are also adding this valuable bonus


You know converting is the most important factor to having a successful online business especially when it relates to monetization. The Campaign Analyzer does 3 things

  • Help you focus on increasing your conversions to make more sales
  • Gives you a process to help you create campaigns that you can track and test
  • The Campaign Analyzer helps you make informed decisions on your pages. No more guess work!

The Monetization Coaching Program
The Help You Need to be Successful

Live coaching weekly for a full 8 weeks

Every Tuesday 8pm Eastern

We will meet online in a Google Hangout

Use this time to ask me or my guest experts questions about monetizing or anything you are having trouble with on the subject.

And we'll critique your monetizing ideas created during the training program to fast track you to success.

This is like getting an extra 8 hours each month of training. There is no other  monetizing course for SBIers that offers this type of instructor interaction on a weekly basis. 

All sessions are recorded so you review anytime. This is a HUGE benefit to help get your projects done fast. 

You Should Definitely Grab This Now,
Because of This Priority Guarantee!

If you can't become better at monetizing  your site after following the steps in the course then we insist you ask back for your money.

But we're super confident you'll love these tutorials, you'll do all the work that is asked of you and you'll send us testimonials telling us how much better you became at monetizing your site after taking this training.

Get Risk Free Today For