Effective Strategies to Using
Royalty Free Clip Art on Your Website

If you want to dress up your website, try using royalty free clip art. You can find all kinds of art for your site, from photographs, sketches, logos and cartoons. An appropriate photo or animation can turn a boring blog post or website into something amusing, moving, motivating or even upsetting.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked sources of royalty free clip art is available through your Microsoft Word program. If you have Word on your computer, you've got a slew of free clip art available right on your computer. Check out the tool and go from there.

There are many online sources of royalty free clip art available as well. Use www.google.com to locate various sources of royalty free clip art. Once on the site (which will usually contain some pages of royalty free clip art and many more pages of clip art that requires payment for usage), search for sections labeled free, common and shared.

Some clip art is completely free, but requires you to give credit to the artist. If you only use the "Attribution License" and "Attribution-NoDerivs License"€ sections, you will simply have to give credit to the photographer in the title section of the clip art so that when someone rolls their mouse over the picture the name of the photographer will pop up.

Actually using royalty free clip art is easy. Choose a photo and then follow the sites instructions to upload it to your computer. After you upload a photo, click on it where it shows a little pencil icon. A menu should appear that allows you to enter the title of the photo and make it centered, medium, thumbnail, etc.

However, there are a few catches to using royalty free clip art. To keep yourself safe, follow these guidelines:

Don't use royalty-free clip art in any obscene, pornographic or offensive manner. Most clip art producers have contracts that prohibit such usage of their free material.

Don't use any clip art of famous people for the purpose of selling something. In other words, you can't take a royalty free clip art of President Obama and post it on your ad for used cars, claiming Obama is stumping for your used car lot.

Don't resell royalty free clip art. You can't package it up as your own and sell it to other sites, nor can you print the clip art on merchandise and sell it for profit.

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