Part Time Internet Business
(Session 1 Of The AG Explained)

So you want to start a part time internet business from home? This is where it all begins. The foundation of every online business needs a starting place ... and this is it.

Session 1 (Day 1) Of The SBI Action Guide Simplified

In this section we're going to describe the big picture overview of the SBI process to building a successful business on the internet. If you can grasp this concept, you'll likely want to dig deeper to learn more.

Day 1 of the SBI Action Guide shows you, the would be online business owner, the concept of a process called C-T-P-M which stands for Content, Traffic, Presell, Monetize. The idea is actually quite simple.

Picture a surfer sitting in front of their computer looking at the Google Search Engine screen. They're about to do a search for information on the dog breed "great danes" because they're considering buying their first dog, and they happen to live in Minnesota. So they type in the words "great dane breeders in minnesota" and press enter.

The search term they've just entered is called a keyword. It could be 2 words long such as "great danes" or it could be 5 words such as "great dane breeders in minnesota" or anything in-between.

What Google presents to them is 10 listings on what is known as a search engine results page or (SERP). And the websites it offers up on this page are what it believes are the most relevent for the search term "great dane breeders in minnesota". If they had searched for "great dane cages" they'd get different results.

When Google And Your Website Meet

Now what if you had a part time internet business on the theme of great danes? And perhaps you're considering at some point having a kennel, some supplies etc dealing specifically with this dog breed ... and you live in Minnesota? What if you did market research and discovered that hundreds of searchers were being performed for the search term "great dane breeders in minnesota" and many other terms?

Don't you think it would be wise to have pages on your website addresses these searches ... such as the following: ... you see that last part after the .com? That is a page on your all-about-great-danes website. And yes it matches exactly to the search phrase of that searcher.

Now imagine hundreds or thousands of people searching for any number of terms relating to this theme on great danes such as:

  • "how to care for great danes"
  • "best great dane dog food"
  • "exercising great danes"
  • "great dane dog training" etc.

Not only through your part time internet business market research did you discover there is a lot of demand for information on these topics, but also there was relatively little competition on the web already. Can you see the opportunity here?

Own Your Own Traffic

What you would do is write separate articles for you website addressing all of these keywords. Each keyword represents a page on your website. Properly written, the search engines will index the page (put it in their database) and when surfers search for that term, Google will serve up the most relevant websites in its index for that search term. One of those top 10 or 20 search results will be one of your pages.

That is the (C) in CTPM. You find out what people are searching for in your market (in this case great danes phrases) and you address those concerns on your webpages. This in tern will get you free targeted Traffic (T) from the search engines. Once people arrive and read you're information, they immediately sense that you know what you're talking about. They see you as an expert and someone they can trust (Preselling) (P).

They may contact you with a few questions via email of phone, but ultimately they order one of your great dane pups ... which is the Monetization (M) portion of C-T-P-M.

Now the M could be supplies, an e-book on great danes, a video training course or any number of products you offer on your site. But as you see, the "selling" or M comes last.

Possibilities Are Endless

This part time internet business could be about almost any subject you can imagine from woodworking to surfing to massage therapy to gardening etc. But the key to success here is the C-T-P-M process.

The Day 1 AG discusses owning your own traffic to be successful. The fact you need to establish yourself as credible first on the web before people will buy from you. One area that is not discussed in the beginning is mentioned below.

Bookkeeping For The Part Time Internet Business Owner

Lets face it. You've made the decision to start your own online business. So from this point forward, if you invest in the Solo Build It product and try and do it yourself, or you choose to join our training program here at, one thing you absolutely need to do is:

  • 1 - start saving receipts relating to any business expenses
  • 2 - consult with a bookkeeper or accountant for small business (ask collegues who they use)

Once you plunge into starting a part time business from home, with the intent on making a profit, you're legally entitled to all kinds of legal business deductions come tax time. Every country has its own rules but start saving reciepts for everything you purchase from office equipment such as a desk, computer, external hard drives, software, games (if this happens to be your business theme) printer paper, postage and on and on.

Even though you're only running a part time internet business, portions of your mortgage or rent, electric bill, internet connection costs and much more can also be legally deducted. As can books, magazines, conferences relating to your business, auto expenses and more.

Sit down with a reputable small business bookkeeper and explain what you'll be doing and have him or her setup your bookkeeping and how you'll handle reciepts and explain to you your legal deductions.

NOTE: - Dont try and handle this yourself. It will cost you a few hundred bucks a year at most to have a professional handle this for you. It's well worth it and will keep you out of hot water with the IRS or CRA etc.

These people stay on top of changes in tax laws and know their stuff ... you'll have enough to focus on with running your business.

OK, now that we've covered the first step, Day 1 on running a part time internet business, lets really get into it by covering the topic of market research in Day 2.

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