Ways to Make Business Cards
Online On a Budget

If you want to make business cards online but are concerned about the cost, you'll be thrilled to learn there are several options for making professional-grade cards at budget prices.

There are several websites that provide templates so you can make business cards online for free. You then just use your home office tools for the actual printing and cutting of the cards. To do this, you'll need the following: a reliable printer that can handle cardstock grade paper, a paper cutter for straight edges, cardstock paper, and your own logo or insignia.

Once you have these supplies, you can make your business cards at no additional cost.

As an option you can invest in the cardstock, but pay a printing service like Kinkos or Office Max to print the cardstock, and then use their paper cutters to cut your business cards. You'll save the money of paying for the printer and paper cutter, but will still have to pay for the paper and the printing service, of course.

One more idea for cutting costs is to check with friends and see if anyone you know has a reliable printer, and ask to borrow it for this project.

Now, to find a template you can use to make your business cards online, just Google mske business cards online free and click on any of the various sites that pop up. Check the site to make sure it really is free, and then enter your business information into the appropriate slots. Upload your logo or insignia, or choose from the options the site provides, and then print away!

Your business cards will be ready in a few minutes. Be sure to let each page dry completely before you handle it; sometimes the surface of the cards can be slick and take a while to dry. Cut carefully, using a professional-grade paper cutter. Or, start off using business card paper with perforated lines already in it, to easily and cleanly separate all of the cards.

If you don't want to make your own cards because you don't trust yourself to cut straight enough edges with the paper cutter, you can make business cards online using a template provided by a service that will print the cards out for you inexpensively and then mail them to you.

This may end up being equivalent in price to paying Staples or Office Depot to print the cards, and you'll come up with better looking cards because the company should have the proper equipment already.

You'll save money because you uploaded your own logo or insignia and entered the information yourself; the printing company simply prints, cuts and sends them to you.

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