The 5 Common Mistakes With
Internet Marketing for Online Businesses

Internet marketing for online businesses is trickier than it first appears. Avoid these common mistakes:

Thinking Your Site Will Sell Itself

Many entrepreneurs set up websites and then think they are done when nothing could be further from the truth. Have you googled your field of interest to see if your site shows up? It doesn't, right? That's because you are competing with a large number of sites. To drive traffic to your site, you have to invest in some sort of internet marketing for online businesses campaign.

Creating a Boring Site

Start by choosing a catchy or intuitive name for your company, buying the domain name (for at least .com and .net), and setting up an informative or entertaining site.

Your site should consist of an attention-grabbing home page, pages of educational or amusing content (in the form of blog posts or articles), a registration form to capture viewer contact information so you can contact visitors through email campaigns, and compelling sales copy that compels visitors to take action, whether that be to buy your product or service, click through to another site, or at the very least register with the site.

These are the very basics of internet marketing for online businesses.

Ignoring Your Site

You've got to proactively maintain and promote your site. Test it make sure your shopping cart and registration form both work. Ask friends and family to suggest ways to improve your site so it looks professional. Hire a copywriter if your writing is substandard and edit all spelling and punctuation errors. Invest time to add copy on a regular basis.

Then launch a formal internet marketing for online businesses campaign that includes the following weekly actions: plugging for your site on social media sites, sending email blasts to visitors, and posting links to your site on other sites.

Trusting Companies That Sell Traffic

If you Google 0internet marketing for online businesses, you'll find a plethora of services that claim they can sell traffic to your site. Proceed with caution; most of these services sell automated hits or will send repeated visitors to your site, meaning you're getting fake hits produced by an automatic script or people paid to visit your site over and over again.

Look for companies that generate actual leads or who want to sign up as affiliate sites to bring you real visitors. Read reviews on services before you pay money for these services.

Buying Advertising Space Indiscriminately

If you decide to invest your money in buying ad space, you need to make sure your ads will show up on sites that draw your intended audience.

This means you need to identify who your target audience is, what sites they visit (or pages they view) and how to get your ads on those pages. Invest time to research your options before wasting your money for ads that show up on pages viewed by people who would never be interested in your product or services.

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