Free Graphic Design Software

You can get free graphic design software many places across the Internet ... and I'm talking all kinds of free design goodies! In fact, both the professional designer the newbie to graphic design can easily find useful, free software downloads. You simply have to know where to look.

Of course, most computers come with basic graphics software such as Microsoft Paint. Paint is useful for image resizing and making minor tweaks, but it's not a very sophisticated tool if you want real design freedom. But you can easily take a quantum leap beyond Paint and make all of your business, personal and hobby images look awesome ... for free!

And it doesn't matter whether you're using a Mac or PC platform. There are literally dozens of free great graphic design software programs for both computer types. Where to Find Free Graphic Design Software?

One of the best sites, is a favorite source for graphic designers at every experience level. CNET is chock full of freeware downloads, plus offers many trial software downloads. Visiting this link,, will reveal to you a plethora of high-performing software options for graphic design, either as freeware or free for a 30-day trial.

Another great site is called Similar to CNET, Free Software offers many free downloads, except that focuses primarily only providing art software. The website also has an easy to use Google enabled search engine built in, to search by key terms like graphics, design, or graphic design software. For minor graphic work, also try

Free Graphic Design Software Options

The most popular free graphic design software downloads are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Paint it!, and Corel Draw. The manufacturers usually offer them free for a trial period, and then they ask you to buy the full version. (Access vanishes if you don't.)

Alternatives to these popular programs are graphics programs like and GIMP 2.2.13. Both free graphic design tools are suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring. Picasa 2.7 is another free graphic design software, which stands apart for allowing you to also transfer, find, organize, edit, print, and share your images., GIMP and Picasa are all very easy-to-use. Each is great for beginning graphic design artists who're looking for that professional, polished look. But you needn't be pursuing graphic design as a profession to derive value from them ... or learn them.

Anyone and everyone doing business online or blogging needs some kind of graphic design program. Most people aren't formally trained to use them, either. They simply spend a few minutes downloading, and then following the Help tutorial each provides. If you do this, your online images will look better than ever ... and it won't cost you a dime!

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