The Best Business Networking Sites

In today's era of Social Media, social networking has become increasingly popular ... almost the norm. If you're not using sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on, people think you live in a cave. Seemingly everybody is using at least one of these potential small business networking social websites to keep up with friends, family, and co-workers.

The thing is, if you're running a business, your potential customers are among the many millions of people using social networking sites. So it's essential to establish a presence on a few, because these have become some of the best business networking sites, too.

Facebook: Is the largest of all business networking sites, with over 500 million members using it to establish a variety of relationship types. But Facebook is just one example on a list of business networking sites. There also are networking sites that were designed strictly for business. The best business networking sites include ...

Linked In: A professional site for users to post their work experience, profile, and company ... almost like a virtual resume. Recently, Linked In introduced functionality where you could follow businesses. This means that when you like what a business or entrepreneur is about, you can sign-up for the business tips and updates they publish ... and even engage in a 2-way business conversation.

Biznik: Do you dislike the isolation of being a solo entrepreneur, yet need more customers or clients? Biznik allow you to increase your visibility and also get assistance with certain aspects of your business.

Ecademy: Great space to make new contacts and friends, market your business for visibility on Google, share your knowledge, and build your business by running unlimited advertisements in the Marketplace.

Entrepreneur Connect: Share your ideas and connect with others without the pressure of self-promoting. You can also form or join networking groups, spur dynamic business-to-business relationships, and also get your creative juices flowing here.

If you're a business owner ... small or large ... and you're not utilizing business networking sites, you're missing out on a huge audience. You really owe it to yourself ... and to your business, to take a few minutes each day to advertise and promote your business this way.

The 21st century wave of social media is growing stronger each day ... don't miss out on the many golden business opportunities these business networks have to offer!

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