5 Ways to Screw Up an
Affiliate Online Business

Most people fail after opening an affiliate online business. Avoid these 5 mistakes which can cause disaster.

1. Not being familiar enough with products you're representing.

  • Winning in an affiliate online business is easier when choosing products in industries you enjoy. Youll know what buzz words cause buyers to act.

  • Research every fact about the product, industry, and prospect. Learn your customer bases favorite method of communication. For instance, teens text for hours, but texting as a method to market to adults might be less effective. Also stay abreast of how new technologies are impacting what you sell.

2. Not having good sales copy describing the products.

  • Words that sell are important elements on your web pages. Success with an affiliate online business depends heavily on good sales copy.

  • Good copy includes a headline which makes prospects want to keep reading. It is interesting and informative, relaying benefits the prospect will receive. It conveys the prospects tone of voice. Medical equipment sales copy sounds different than skin care copy.

  • Good copy ends with a call to action. This is where you try to close the sale by suggesting a next step to the reader. Order now, contact us, email us for a quote, etc. Failure to include or refine a powerful call to action undermines many affiliate online business efforts.

3. Choosing products that aren't supported with good marketing materials.

  • Most companies keep affiliates up-to-date to help ensure success. They realize poor marketing material kills affiliate online business sales.

  • Sometimes a company uses outdated information with limited blogs, banners, or any recent advertising tactics. Unless its an awesome product which should be raised from the dead, and youre willing to invest in revamping the material, keep searching.

4. Thinking you can set it and forget it.

  • Create an affiliate campaign, then test out different aspects of it to discover what sells the best. Relocate the banner ads on your website, change the colors and graphic design elements. Try selling text links in articles – or try removing them. Did sales increase?

  • On average, a prospect needs 7 exposures to your sales pitch before theyll buy from you. This is why email marketing and blog subscriptions have become so popular: they allow you to stay conversant with your target marketing and eventually earn their business.

  • Test variables to reveal facts. Facts lead to better decisions and greater sales. And you can avoid products that underperform.

5. Choosing products that dont compliment each other.

  • Find your specialty. Understand your prospects desires. Focus on a related product line. Selling footwear? Also offer socks and insoles. When considering other products that may interest prospects, offer outfits that compliment the prospects desires to look nice.

  • You will fail trying to sell unrelated products to everyone. Dont sell sneakers, then offer self-improvement products, then throw in graphics design software. Pick one niche or category and stay narrowly within it. This is how you focus your site and energy, appear organized and like a subject matter specialist.

Now that youve learned 5 ways to screw up an affiliate online business, youll avoid them and profit by following the leaders.

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