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Affiliate Network Programs Revealed

When you're choosing one of the many affiliate network programs available, there are a few criteria that programs should meet. For instance, it's very important to pick one that's reputable and pays when they say the will. But there's much more to it.

The benefit of using an affiliate network (rather than a solo e-product owner) is that the affiliate network keeps excellent track of everything pertaining to the sales you've made. They organize your data, as opposed to you having to keep track of it yourself. This makes it a snap to see which product are working for you or have good potential, versus the losers you may want to stop promoting.

So, here are a few tips on how to choose the best affiliate network programs:

1. Pay close attention to the commission rate

In order for affiliate network programs to be worthwhile, ensure that the commission rate justifies the time and effort you'll spend trying to snag a sale. The commission rate is generally 50% or more for digital products and 4%-25% is common for hard goods.


2. Know the quality of the products

Before settling on any of the affiliate network programs that are available, it's important to research the products you're considering. Don't waste your time marketing products that are routinely sent back for refunds.

3. There should be a variety of marketing materials

Before you choose which network you want to go with, make sure you'll be given a wide range of different marketing tools to use. It'll be a lot harder on you to effectively promote a product if you have limited support tools and specific tips.

4. Choose a market with high sales potential

A very important thing to consider when you're choosing between the networks is the actual market that they cater to. If you're not working in a market with a high traffic rate (i.e., low competition), your time and efforts can easily be wasted ... regardless of how good you are at marketing.

It's important to choose the best affiliate marketing network for your business. If you don't spend the time to make sure you have one that'll work well for your situation, the chances of you seeing a big paycheck are slim to none. Google "top affiliate networks" to get a sense what is out there.

If you're just starting out with affiliate network programs, it would be worth your time to take a look at both ClickBank and Commission Junction, two of the largest, and considered by some to be the best affiliate programs. You'll learn a lot about affiliate marketing as a promoter of the products they've approved. If you want to, you can branch out in time and explore the wide world of affiliate network programs that are available beyond these two biggies.

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