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What Is Twitter Anyway?

If you're just getting a business online, you've probably been wondering about Twitter and how to use it.

In this article I want to explain exactly what is twitter and how you can use this tool to grow your internet business.

Twitter is an online social networking website that allows you to blast out short messages at 140 characters at a time. These blasts are known as "tweets". With these tweets, you can let strangers, family or friends know what you're doing at any particular moment, day or night. You can also share links to cool sites, communicate with customers and drive traffic to your website.

Twitter asks the question "What Are You Doing"? Think about this from a business standpoint. Imagine having thousands of people subscribed to you (known as followers), and you blast out a short message about a discount or upcoming sale from your business. With the push of a button from your cellphone, you can alert a ton or people.

And these folks may have hundreds or thousands of people following them. They can then re-tweet or re-broadcast to their friends what you just tweeted. Can you see the power of a tweet? People can get these tweets on their cellphones, IM clients like AIM or MSN messenger instantly when you blast out the tweet.

How Did Twitter Begin?

Twitter launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey as an experiment for folks working within their company (a different company name at the time), as a way for everyone to keep in touch instantly. But by 2009, it caught on in the public and became very popular, mainly because it's very easy to use. Today celebrities and musicians use Twitter to keep in touch with their fanbase ... as do athletes and even politicians. TV networks, news orginations and Fortune 500 companies know the importance about Twitter. Are you?

Remember when Sully landed Flight 1549 into the Hudson River? The first pic was taken with a cellphone and posted on Twitter via a service called Twitpic. The 2008 Mumbai attacks were posted as well as the uprising in Iran during their elections. It is a communication tool your business should be using in its marketing mix.

7 Tips About Twitter To Market Your Business

Here are a few basic tips about how to use Twitter but to keep in mind before you start tweeting on Twitter.

Tip #1 - use some personal tweets about you or your company along with business related tweets. Allow folks to see you on a more personal level from time to time. Playing with the kids, stopping at MacDonalds, just finished a workout .. whatever the case.

Tip #2 - dont tweet about every single event in your day ... keep customers and followers in the loop however by tweeting a few times each day. Make it a habit.

Tip #3 - learn how to attract followers (we'll cover this) because without realizing it, you'll be building a list you can effectively market to on an on-going basis. And because people are used to seeing product messages mixed in with your personal messages, it wont really seem like you're marketing to them.

Tip #4 - ensure you have a high quality website or blog so you can paste the link within your tweet and send traffic immediately to your offer.

Tip #5 - get into the mindset that instant messaging is out and Twitter is in ... and its also a great way to network with business contacts. What a great tool to develop relationships for your business.

Tip #6 - crowdsourcing is a term that means you're asking for feedback, advice or solutions from your followers. People love to give their opinion, so from time to time, tap into this creative intelligence by asking for ideas. By listening, business owners get instant feedback about what their customers want.

Tip #7 - going viral is a term that simply means a tweet was re-tweeted and re-tweeted by others until tons of people have read a single tweet. This can snowball into a ton of traffic and potential orders. Trying to make a tweet go viral however usually fails, so dont force it. But if something is catchy or funny, it may simply take off on its own and pay huge dividends as a result.

So know you know a bit more about Twitter and its potential marketing power. How to twitter and how to sign up for Twitter will be discussed in upcoming articles.

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