Would You Like
Internet Business Advice that Works?

The Internet Business Advice you will get here is to help you build a real business. This is not the place for you just to learn about creating a website or how to blog.

Yes you will learn about those too, but there is so much more to running an online business.

What this means is you will be more prepared to at having the best chance of being successful.

I have been teaching individuals who want an online business since 2006 in colleges and online. The process I follow is a simple step by step paint by numbers method.

What Internet Business Advice is not

What you will not find on here is what many people believe is possible to building a business.  They  want a  push-button, autopilot, make money while you sleep miracle solution to making money on the Internet.

Save your time and click elsewhere because there is no such solution atleast not here. 

From my observations there are 3 types of people looking for easy to understand Internet business advice. 

  • People with a business and no website
  • Business owners with a website but have no success with it
  • People who want to be online but don't know how to get started.

The easy 4 step process to build your business

There are 4 steps in the process to creating a successful online business.

  • Learn how to write content  that is in demand by your visitors. Give them the content they want which provides them with the information and solves their problem.
  • Work on attracting large volumes of the traffic to your site. Traffic is the life blood of any website, without it you don't exist online.
  • Create an online relationship with your visitors which is built on trust, if you have this, you will have willing to buy customers based on your non-selling approach. There is a big difference to writing for a website visitor
  • With willing to buy customers you have to know how to get them to spend their money with you. There are many ways you can create an income from your website.

This website  may not be for everyone, that is why i think you really should think long and hard about starting an online business.

It really is not for everyone, that is because there are no shortcuts.

Just like an offline business there is hardwork involved if you want any chance of success.

Unfortunately many people think that just because it does not cost much to get started online it must be easy.

The best advice I can give you is to take ownership and responsibility of your business.

Continue to learn hopefully from websites like this one, they say learning is not a destination but a journey…so learn all the time.

Join Forums, take courses and read books  This will not only skyrocket your income but also your confidence!